All That Is Needed to Know About Cookie Information and Policy

Users and visitors to website as well as other affiliated websites, apps, or subsidiaries are now aware that we use cookies. We also incorporate other forms of technology such as web beacons which help to identify essential elements such as navigational behaviors, access points, browsers, times, and dates in which you log into our channels.

We aspire to be honest on how we use cookies as well as other forms of technology to gain the trust and confidence of our visitors on issues such as storage and tracking of their behavior in comparison to our digital channels. As a result, we are providing information on the particulars of our tracking and the reasons why we track our channels.

If you still have any questions after reading this policy, feel free to contact us at for further assistance.

The other two policies which affect users and visitors are the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. We urge our users to go through the policies and reach out to us in case of any clarification on the same.

Why Do We Need Cookies?

Cookies can be defined as tiny files that are embedded in your device when you access a website. You may have come across websites that notify you of their usage by giving you an option to deny or agree to the usage of their cookies.

The tiny files that are placed on your device to track certain behaviors on the website such as the time you take on the site, the pages which you access as well as other details. However, the primary use of cookies is to ‘remember’ you when you log in to the site after a considerable period in which case you will be directed to the pages and content that you had initially accessed. This is the reason why we use cookies.

Types of Cookies that You Should Know About

It is important to know the types of cookies used on websites, including those that are used on our website.

  • Persistent Cookies

These cookies are retained in your website long after you have revoked access to the app or website. The objective of the cookies is to make things easier for you. When you go back to the site, the site will inform you of the areas that you had visited as per the previous time of access. The idea is to enable the user to gain a better experience whenever they return to the site.

  • Session Cookies

These cookies amass data from the visitors who access the site. These cookies track, among other things, the places the user accesses, the period taken, the specific time that the user accesses the site and the time of exit of the visitor. The information acquired is used to assess the experiences and usability to make improvements to the site. Session cookies typically disappear upon exit by the user from the site.

  • First-Party Cookies

These cookies are also regarded as persistent cookies, although we do not use them. They are placed on your device and keep track of where you access.  Upon return to the site, the information acquired directs you to where you had accessed before.

  • Third-Party Cookies

Cookies can also be placed by third-party users in our site. They include contracted parties that we partner with, in the provision of services such as like payment processors or companies which collect and analyze data and present the analytics collect to us.

  • User Consent Cookies

We require cookies which enable our users to have a good experience when accessing our site.

Other Types of Technology We Use is an efficient website that aspires to improve service delivery to its clients. As a result, the website uses a number of technologies that help to improve its performance as well as the experiences of the users of the website.

Web Beacons: This technology does not mine data from our users. Instead, it coordinates with cookies to collect anonymous and general behavior on our site. The data acquired is then assessed and used to evaluate the experiences of users in our site for modification and quality improvements.

Other Technologies: Other forms of technology, such as flash, are regarded as cookies that are shared. Our site does not use, hold, or share any information related to such technologies. When you log in to our site, we immediately notify you on the use of cookies in our site in which you are automatically agreed to, as a result of proceeding to our site, an agreement that also incorporates other technologies that we use.

Any visitor who accesses any site can opt-out from agreeing to the use of cookies by making adjustments to their web browsers. All web browsers are equipped with instructions on how one can make the adjustments. However, it is important to understand that this will negatively impact your experience when using the site.

Any personal information which is voluntarily provided by a visitor accessing our site will be stored in a cookie. The cookie will then be forwarded to your browser. When you re-visit the site, your browser will forward the cookie back to our site. The process will continuously take place regardless of how you navigate through our site. New pages that you visit will be also be placed on the same cookie.

Why We Use Cookies and Other Technologies

As we said, our main objective is to give our visitors a better experience when they navigate through our pages, apps, sites, and other places affiliated with us. Cookies will make it easier for our visitors to access our site, collect any information that they may require as well as navigate through ‘reserved’ sections in our site. It makes it easier for users to place their orders of products and services.

We do not intend to acquire any personal information from you for any purpose other than helping you in using the site. Any personal information obtained from you is strictly from your liking, and it is used to help you subscribe to emails, offers as well as enable you to make purchases. We do not engage in any activities such as selling, trading, or leasing your personal information or use it for marking unless you decide to subscribe to our newsletter offers, emails, and promotions.

You can also opt to block cookies, but it will limit your usability of the site which will hinder you from making purchases. Also, we will not be in a position to guarantee your security.

There are also cookies which we refer to as ‘performance cookies.’ They track user behavior and anonymous visitors and provide information such as broken links, problems with load speed and other issues encountered on pages on our site. We regularly monitor our apps and pages to enable us to fix any arising issues which we alerted to by our cookies.

Using Cookies for Marketing (First- and Third Patty)

Some cookies in our site are used to track your preferences to allow us to offer you preferred products and services. We also use cookies to help us to track the progress of our adverting strategies.

These types of cookies will collect your IP address as well as your browser.

Keep in mind that you can always block cookies through the use of your browser, as it has the necessary mechanisms to enable you to do so. Opting to block cookies implies that you have decided not to experience the full use of our pages, websites, and other affiliated services that we offer.

If you had initially accepted the use of cookies and you would like to delete them, you can delete them by following these steps.